Sarah Watkins - private tutor

Sarah Watkins - private tutor

Classics graduate and mother of three, Sarah Watkins is a popular tutor who has helped her students move up to higher sets at school, face homework with new confidence, and overcome long-standing difficulties.

Matthew Leitch - private tutor

Matthew Leitch - private tutor

Psychology graduate and father of the three, Matthew Leitch has been using maths at home and at work since doing three maths A levels at school (a long time ago).


Ridgeway Tutors

Maths and Literacy: tailored to each individual

Please note: Ridgeway Tutors is no longer accepting new customers but we will continue to support our wonderful existing customers for the time being. This is because we are moving towards retirement. This website will remain in place so that our practice tools and written advice are still available.

Our approach is to help each student individually. Tutoring is not just extra teaching. It should identify and use very specific opportunities to improve. Oh, and it should also be enjoyable and sometimes even fun.

Students come for tutoring for different reasons. Some have long-standing difficulties with maths, or literacy, or both. Some, particularly at GCSE level, have a crisis thanks to a worrying mock exam result. Others come to raise themselves from good to great, for a school extrance exam or just to gain extra ability and self-confidence.

Whatever the reason for tutoring, our approach is to get down to practical details, look and listen, try experiments, and find the very specific mistakes and blind spots that are holding a learner back. The mysteries of maths and literacy become specific techniques and habits that anyone can master, with encouragement and efficient practice.

Tutors and subjects

Sarah Watkins - primary school maths and literacy, GCSE literacy, entrance exam preparation

Sarah is the main tutor and the founder of Ridgeway Tutors. She is now an expert in the many ways a student can struggle with mental maths and spelling, with English GCSE, and with the many forms of question in school entrance exams.

Matthew Leitch - GCSE maths and A level maths

Matthew is Sarah's husband and tackles more advanced maths. He is the author of a maths book and created Maths Accelerator and Sound Speller, two practice websites that Sarah uses for some of her tutoring.

Contact details

Please call Sarah on 01372 805 267, or email her at, but remember that we are no longer accepting new customers.

Most tutoring is done at our home, 29 Ridgeway, Epsom. You can spot it by the life-sized goose light in the window!


Related stuff

Maths Accelerator

This is a no-nonsense practice page for mental maths. Don't be fooled by the plain appearance; students find its performance statistics more motivating than cartoon graphics.

Algebra Accelerator

This a practice page for GCSE level algebra. It works like Maths Accelerator but with different tasks. Overall, more sophisticated.

Sound Speller

This online spelling test programme uses recordings of Sarah saying the words.

Advice on learning spellings

Learning to spell a word is an interesting skill with lots of elements.

Maths for mums and dads

We like this book by Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew. It explains how schools teach maths now.

Insight into motivation and study skills

The article is called How to use your school time and is by Matthew Leitch.

Study skills for maths

This article is called How to study maths efficiently at school and is also by Matthew Leitch.

Matthew's book on maths

Not one for children, but still an accessible read: A Pocket Guide to Risk Mathematics.

Intriguing geometry app

Euclidea is a great website and app for practising geometric constructions using compasses and straight edges. Great gameplay, well structured for learning, and much faster than using paper.

Euclidea logo

Graphs from equations

It is very useful to be able to plot equations quickly, especially when you are stuck and struggling to understand a tricky question at GCSE or A level. Two well-known websites that do this are GeoGebra and Desmos.

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